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Welcome to the NEW Starnes & Co. Website!

I am so excited to Welcome you to the brand new Starnes & Co. Website! This is something that is so near and dear to my heart and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the rebranding process! After booking a 9th wedding this year, I knew that it was time for a make over, but I had no idea where to begin. I wanted to create something that felt personal, and true to who I am all while making sure that I had a brand that had true staying power. Something I could love for years all while being modern and relatable to my brides and clients!

When I felt like it was time for a new website I started looking at many different options for web design. That’s when I met Colby Stellhorn of The Coop Marketing! The grand opening of the new Hello Lovely Branding Boutique in Cornelius, NC came right around the time when the thought of a new site crossed my mind. The boutique offers an entire branding experience that helps business owners create a brand from start to finish all under one fabulous roof. (The boutique is simply gorgeous) From the moment I met Colby I knew that we would get to collaborate someway, somehow in the future! Colby has major #girlboss vibes! Her branding process was seamless and personal, leaving me with a website that I feel proud to share with the world because it just feels SO me! She spent lots of time getting to know exactly what I wanted and who I was! We shared many emails full of LOL, #allthefeels, and “Omg yasssss!” –  which is the exact kind of experience I was looking for. Because let’s face it, when you’re working on something as important as your brand you want to be working with someone you can connect with in a major way! As you can see, Colby and I had a great time collaborating on this site and the fun we shared personifies all over the pages!

Today is finally launch day and I have been super anxious to share this SURPRISE launch with everyone! I can’t express how grateful I am to be at this point in my business where I can collaborate with other fabulous women to make something amazing happen! On the new site, you can look forward to more collaborations, insider tips for wedding planning, marriage inspiration, and lots of little sprinkles of me and my life! I hope that you’ll subscribe to my email list and receive more information about all the new things Starnes & Co. is doing! I hope that you’ll find inspiration, hope, and love here! But most importantly, I hope that you’ll get to know me a lot more through a brand that was created purely on the joys of my heart!


Maliquea Starnes xoxo





Welcome to the NEW Starnes & Co. Website!

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