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All you need is love and a Day of Coordinator!

I remember the day my Mother-in-Law asked me, “So, who’s going to be in charge of all this?” That’s the moment it hit me that I literally had no idea. I had obviously just found out it wouldn’t be her. The funny thing is, I didn’t expect her to ever do it all. Mom’s get the awesome job of helping us every step of the way during the planning process and on the special day they should only have one job: pure enjoyment! I mean seriously, this is an equally important day to them as well. As much as she had offered to do it, find a friend, or help me think of other potential family members I just didn’t feel comfortable with anyone. Not because I didn’t think they were capable, but they weren’t me and all my gorgeous ideas were in MY head! So what’s a girl to do? Finally my Mother-in-Law made one of the best suggestions I had ever heard: Hire a Day of Coordinator.

Now one thing that really surprises me about this story is that I had never heard of a Day of Coordinator. My only mental image of anyone that could professionally help with your wedding was a full on Wedding Planner, which I hadn’t had this entire time so at two weeks before the big day I just knew it was way too late to find someone. But surprisingly, my Day of Coordinator swooped right in and made everything alright! There are tons of benefits to hiring someone to manage your special day, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons:

Family members want to enjoy your day, not feel the pressure of what will happen if they don’t coordinate it correctly! It’s always nice to know that your family will be there for you on the big day. I’m sure that you’ve already received a ton of “let me know if you need anything”s by now! Family can absolutely come in handy for things like handing out programs, or directing guests to sign the guest book. But major tasks like making sure everyone stays on time with the timeline, or making big decisions on your behalf when you’re unavailable can add a lot of pressure. Your family, and friends want your Wedding Day to be perfect so you can imagine how intimidating they may feel if you ask them to guarantee that. Hiring a coordinator will give you and your family peace of mind that your wedding is in the hands of someone who is mentally prepared to handle anything that comes their way on your day!

Some necessary wedding day skills are harder than you think. Like putting on a boutonniere for example! Now that I’ve had the chance to put on a bunch of them I consider it a major skill. I am most definitely adding it to my resumé. Right beside bustling a wedding gown! There are some things you just can’t learn via Google or youtube. You want someone who can make sure these things are done right. Not only for your peace of mind but for the sake of the vendors who created them. You don’t want to break the stems on the gorgeous boutonnieres that your florist worked so hard creating, because of not knowing how to properly put them on. When you hire a coordinator, this is something you won’t need to do!

Communication is key on your Wedding Day and you’ll be unavailable. I cannot stress enough how many last minute questions I answer for vendors, while setting up for the ceremony and even during the reception. This is such an important time to be able to think on your feet and act quickly when things need immediate attention! But your feet will be in beautiful wedding shoes at that time and I can guarantee you won’t be thinking about those decisions if you hire a coordinator. My favorite thing about coordinating weddings is that I’ve been assigned one super important task: being you, because you are busy being a bride. I get to put everything I’ve learned about my brides to very good use when it’s time to decide on things that they aren’t able to. Once the day begins you have one job: being happy, feeling amazing, and getting married. Well, that’s three jobs but you understand my point 😉

When I started my business I sat down and decided what my goal was. What am I trying to accomplish through this career? The answer is fairly simple, I want to be the reason someone’s wedding day went smoothly and the reason they didn’t have to think twice about how it would turn out. From the moment my brides sign a contract, the sigh of relief is music to my ears. Getting married is truly one of the most amazing things that you will ever do and on your wedding day you should be feeling that in it’s entirety. No to-do list item should stand in the way of a clear mind, a peaceful heart, and a lot of happiness. After you get engaged you’ll begin to think of all the things you need. That list will grow and grow and sometimes may feel a little overwhelming. But I’m here to tell you that in the end all you need is love… and a Day of Coordinator.





All you need is love and a Day of Coordinator!

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