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Identify Your Window!

The last 6-weeks my Pastor, Steven Furtick of Elevation Church preached a series called “Work Your Window.” This series is full of powerful quotes, impactful lessons, and solid scripture to back it all up. I thoroughly enjoyed each message every week but there was one message in particular that resonated with me the most and I want to share it with you today because it’s so important in not only life; but in your business as well!

Pastor Steven has a special way of crafting the things we often know to be true into the perfect words that just seem to stick in our minds and hearts. From the moment I heard this message I knew it was one of those affirmations I wouldn’t be able to forget. It pounds through my ears and heart each week since the message was spoken at our church! In this particular message from the series, he says “I might fall short, but I won’t stop short!” See that’s the thing about quotes, we have the ability to read them over and over again until they mean something totally different and for me this message keeps speaking to me in new ways. Especially this week…

I’ve been heavily praying about and for my business because let’s face it. Being a business owner is difficult. It may look like the best thing ever from the outside world but I never thought I would see the day when I wouldn’t want to get out of bed and go into my “home office”. Not because I don’t like what I do, I love what I do, but because sometimes we feel like we have let ourselves down when we set goals that we simply aren’t meant to reach in our lives right now. Just like Pastor Steven emphasizes in his series, “Pick a window, aim, shoot your arrow.” I realized that lately I have been trying to win everywhere in business and that’s why I can’t win anywhere. I mean, I know you can relate when I say it’s ridiculous to think we can have the perfect Instagram Feed, The Perfect Website, The Perfect Blog post, the Perfect amount of likes, the Perfect amount of followers ALL WHILE BEING the Perfect Wife, Golden doodle mom, sister, friend… The insane list just keeps going on and on and yet, we still try. My point here is that I had too many windows open. Not the kind of windows on my Mac… (I mean those kind of windows too) but I’m talking about Life Windows. Windows that show me into another part of myself. Windows that make me feel like I’m coming up short all the time because they are all open and I’m trying to focus on them all at the same time. (totally not happening)

So what happens when we fall short. Because we most certainly will. We’re human and there will always be some form of “falling short” waiting on us whenever we pursue anything in this life. What happens when we fall short? Well the first thing that happens is we need to ask ourselves “Did I fall short? or Did I stop short?” Think about how many times in your life it felt like you completely failed. Only to look back later and realize you heard God’s voice nudging you to press on a few times more and your heart whispered back to him, “I can’t.” I’m challenging you today to start your next venture, whether it be in life or business with a mentality that says, “I could, if I would.” rather “I would if I could.” I can promise you that all it takes is one try of this kind of attitude to realize that maybe you’ve just been stopping to soon all along. I’m not calling you a quitter, but I am calling you a stopper. See when I listened to this series I kept thinking about how I’m no quitter. But quitting and giving up isn’t the same thing as saying well let me just stop since this isn’t working. Let me just stop trying to be patient with my husband and give him a taste of his own medicine. Let me just stop praying for my kids, God isn’t moving quick enough, I’ll just take control myself. Let me just stop reaching out to clients, if it’s meant to be I will get the business. Let me just stop… 

The difference is quite impeccable. The good news is: You decide when you stop. You decide to keep trying, keep praying, keep laughing, keep pressing, keep staying encouraged. God has already given you the tools that you need to be able to persevere, all you have to do is make up in your mind that you won’t stop using those tools until he’s finished with you. Believe me, he isn’t finished with you yet. 

Thanks to this series I have been able to pause for a second, focus on the window that God is calling me to work right now. Breathe. Aim. and Shoot. The results of applying the things I learned in this series to my every day life has not only shaped the way I think about myself, but also about my marriage, and my business. Once I identified my window, I started to win victory after victory, week after week. Once I realized that Christ is within me, I am enough. Once I realized that I have the arrows, I just need to shoot. You can start by asking God: “Where do you want me to shoot?” Just like Pastor Steven suggests in this series, get somewhere quiet – and ask God where he wants you to shoot. It’s hard as a woman in business during this time in our society to figure out where we should be trying to win. But if you’ll try this one time this week I know he will speak to you like he did to me.

I hope you enjoyed this and if this is something you’ve been struggling with then I pray you will head over to Elevation Church Online, right now and binge watch the whole series! 


Maliquea xo





Identify Your Window!

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