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How to use a Branding Photoshoot to enhance your business!

This weekend I received the photos from a Branded Photoshoot I recently coordinated with Jodie Brim Photography for CoCreate Studio, and let’s just say I basically fell out of my chair with excitement. The reason I was so pumped is because I knew that these photos would take my brand to the next level! I was 100% right – and within minutes of posting just ONE photo from the shoot, I started to get messages from others wanting to inquire about my services and connect with me. So today, I’m sharing the top ways to enhance your brand with professional photos!

“Authenticity is stunning.”

— Maliquea Starnes

 Photographed by: Jodie Brim Photography Photographed by: Jodie Brim Photography

  1. Keep it consistent – When it comes to branding consistency is key. You’ll want to make sure your outfit, props, and location fit well with your already established brand. If your brand is fun and bubbly you probably shouldn’t wear a black suit and white button up! Go shopping as if you were going to meet your dream client. You know that saying, “dress for the job you want”? Dress for the brand you always dreamed of to make the use out of the new photos. You don’t ever want to walk away from a Branding Photoshoot feeling like you want to rebrand now because the photos are so different than your current branding. Make it consistent.
  2. Have so much fun – It’s so much fun taking photos for your brand because you get to let your personality completely shine through. I have a blast picking out my outfit, deciding on my hair and makeup, and seeing it all come together in photo is truly a dream. The best photos will be the candid moments that you are doing what you love. So be sure to create those moments during your photoshoot. If you’re a florist, capture moments of you actually designing floral arrangements. Authenticity is stunning. That’s what you want displayed in your brand!
  3. Take it seriously – But wait, I thought you just said to have so much fun. Although photoshoots can be a lot of fun, they do require a ton of planning on your part. You will need to secure all the details before getting everyone involved. Make sure you have your appointments for hair and makeup scheduled in a timely manner, and be sure to secure the date and time with your photographer before you do anything else. Be intricate in your plans. Ask yourself what image you are trying to put out into the universe so that you don’t just show up to “take pictures”.
  4. Utilize those pics – Be sure to use the pictures. Everywhere. On everything. Change your profile picture on social media, and be sure to put the photos into rotation on Instagram! But be smart about how you spread them out. I don’t suggest posting all the photos at once. Give a little tease and spread them out over time so the content lasts longer. I like to use photoshoots for announcements to generate traffic around new ideas that I’m launching. Clients and Vendors love seeing fresh updates to your site and social media, so be sure to let everyone know that you’re working on a “surprise” which can later be framed as an announcement to draw others back into your content! The photos will catch lots of eyes and help you boots those likes.

This photoshoot was nothing short of amazing and I strongly suggest investing in Branding Photography for your business. It goes a long way and impacts your confidence as well as your client’s confidence in you. When they see that you’ve taken the extra step to create beautiful images for your business, they will have full confidence that you’re passionate about what you do for them. Want to schedule your next branding photoshoot to elevate your brand? Head over to Jodie Brim Photography now to schedule your session!

(Outfit Styled by: Bevello | Photography by: Jodie Brim Photography | Hair Styled by: Minnie Corrine Style Studio | Make Up by: Yudy McGuinness)





How to use a Branding Photoshoot to enhance your business!

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