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5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Detox


Social Media Detox

If you’re anything like me setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions is your JAM! Planning is my love language so I have a grand time planning how I will start the year with intention. This year my family started the new year with a 21-day fast! When most people hear “fasting” they assume a special diet, or not eating before a certain time of day. But this year, I decided I would choose something that was really consuming me and taking up a lot of my energy so I could feel like I was making a true sacrifice!

After some long and hard reflection about things I felt most dependent on I decided that I wouldn’t go on social media before 3pm for 30-Days (overachiever right here) starting January 1st 2019! Because let’s face it, if you’re having a stressful week, nothing feels better than an endless scroll through the lives of other’s who are obviously happy and not ever stressed out?! Right? I decided to use this as a time to look inwardly and see why I felt I needed this seemingly harmless habit every single day. I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed a very successful Social Media Detox and today I’m sharing my Top 5 Tips with you:

  1. Don’t quit “Cold Turkey” – Whenever you tell your brain “don’t ever do it again” chances are… You will! I know this about my own brain from personal experience so I knew better than to try the Social Media Detox by quitting cold turkey and ditching it all together. Since I have a business, never going on social at all was pretty unrealistic for me. So I stuck to an attainable goal of not going on social before 3pm! Here’s where the magic happened: As my brain began to skip social media every morning and not partake in it’s usual routine of scrolling before my feet even hit the floor, I was able to break the habit a lot easier. To my amazement there were a few times that I hadn’t logged on or opened the app multiple days in a row! Why? Because by committing to only taking mornings off my brain felt like it was choosing and making a conscious decision, rather than being forced not to. Try easing into your goal with bite sized realistic expectations. You can take a break on certain days of the week, or even certain times of the day like I did!
  2. Be Reflective – The funny thing about social media is that it’s trendy! Sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones who are NOT on social media when we take a break from it. Use this time to reflect on how it effects your life, and why it’s necessary for you to take a break.  One of the things I reflected on most was that so many dreams and expectations I have for my life, weren’t my own. They were a product of everyone I was following and trying to keep up with. Which is totally exhausting! Reflect on how certain people and accounts make you feel, unfollow some toxic folks, follow some inspiring accounts and dig deep to figure out how Social Media can look different for you and your life!
  3. Use a Social Media Scheduler – As I mentioned before, the most challenging part of the Social Media Detox was the fact that I run a business. Being an entrepreneur means marketing yourself, and marketing yourself usually means social media! If you have a business taking a break from social media can seem impossible at times. But there are definitely tools out there to help you stay visible and posting without even signing on! One of my favorite social media planning apps is Planoly. Planoly not only allows you to curate a beautiful feed using it’s grid planner tool so you can map everything out before pushing it out into the world, but it will even auto-post for you if you have a business account linked. So there you have it, kick that “I have to use Instagram because I run a business” excuse to the curb with this helpful app.
  4. Watch your Screen Time – We love our smart phones, they are always in our hand, and now they are even smart enough to warn us when we’ve been spending a little too much time on social media! If you are an iPhone user, running the latest iOS software, you should be able to log into your settings and play around with your screen usage limits. You can even set times that certain apps are off limits! This was extremely helpful for my detox specifically because I wanted to be off for a certain time of day. You can also keep track of how much time you’re spending in certain apps, which is also helpful if you’re planning a detox. You want to make sure you detox from the social media you are using the most, so this tool can help you figure out where to start!
  5. Find a healthy alternative – Kicking a habit can be really hard if you don’t fill your time with other things. Instead of moping around because I couldn’t go on social media, I used this as a time to figure out other things I could be doing. The irony of this Social Media Detox is that I started to remember what I actually like to do. Things that I thought I didn’t have time to do before, quickly became the perfect thing for me to do instead of scrolling on social media for hours. I was able to pick up TONS of books, and spend some time in book stores with coffee in hand, living my best life, without the pressure of needing to be that instagram worthy moment with a #selfcare caption. Instead of trying to be, I just was. Whenever you are feeling like you want to pick up your phone use that as a mental trigger to pick up something else you like doing or maybe thought you didn’t have time to do before.

If your thumbs are tired of scrolling, or you’re finding yourself constantly comparing your life and aspirations to everyone on your feed, it may be time for a social media detox! One of my biggest take aways from this detox was the fact that once I did get back on social media at the end of the day, I hadn’t missed much of anything! The world was still turning, my business was still flourishing, and everyone was still just doing life in the best way they know how. While social media is a fun and helpful tool, too much of any good thing – is a bad thing. I hope you find these tips super helpful and I can’t wait to hear all about how your social media detox transforms your mindset about visibility and how social media connects us to the rest of the world. Tell me your thoughts on social media, taking a break from it, and how you use it to make your life and business a happier place to be in the comments below…

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5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Detox

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