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My Experience at LVL Academy

LVL Academy

Today I’m sharing something super exciting with all of you and I can’t wait to give you the details! But first I want to tell you all about my experience at LVL Academy back in November 2018! LVL Academy is a wedding planner workshop based in California. When it comes to getting inspired, elevating your planning career, and making major changes in your wedding planning business the LVL Academy workshop is a MUST. So what makes this experience so special? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of my trip to Santa Ana and telling you all the reasons LVL Academy was one of the highlights of my planning career.

Hands On Experience

Unfortunately, in the wedding planning industry so many of us are faced with challenges and unforeseen moments on a Wedding Day that no amount of Wedding Magazines, Google Searches, and Pinterest Pins could have prepared us for! One of my favorite things about LVL Academy was all the hands on learning opportunities available. Our days were filled with learning how to make boutonnieres and practicing tying bow ties. We even learned how to cut a wedding cake!  Another one of my favorite moments was learning how to create a beautiful flat lay with the amazing Lorely Meza! These hands on experiences gave me the confidence I needed to promise my clients that no matter what happens on your special day, I have your back!

LVL Academy Fall 2018

LVL Academt


LVL Academy Flat Lay

Real Results and Business Growth

To say that my business has grown since LVL Academy would be an understatement. LVL Academy not only changed the way I think about my business, but built a confidence in how to sell my services and packages that has completely transformed my client experience. Thanks to LVL Academy, I have been able to enhance my packages, and connect with brides in a totally new way than ever before. The things I learned during the workshop were so applicable to my everyday life as a wedding planner that I was able to act on them right away. The tools, skills, and resources created real change and I’ve seen real tangible business growth!

Building Community and Connections

Whenever I seek new learning opportunities for my wedding planning business, one of the top things I look for is how will I be fostered in a community after my experience. The founders of LVL Academy, Lindsay and Heather have done just that through the LVL Platform! These ladies have intricately built in so many moments and opportunities for you to connect with others in the workshop on an intimate level. When I walked into the workshop I was greeted with so much love, and made so many new friends along the way. The LVL Academy experience isn’t just about learning skills, but learning to build relationship with other planners and coming together as an industry to make amazing things happen. I remember hearing others tell their stories, and ask their questions throughout workshop and realizing I was not alone. Entrepreneurship can be and feel so lonely at times, but thanks to LVL Academy, I know that I’ll always have my #plannerlife tribe whenever I need them and connecting with these ladies in an authentic way through the academy was truly one of my favorite aspects of the workshop.

Summer Academy 2019

Now for the exciting news! You may remember me mentioning how my first LVL Academy experience took me across the country to the gorgeous Santa Ana, California for the first time. It is with so much joy that I am pleased to announce that the summer academy of LVL Academy for 2019 will be held in North Carolina – the place that I call home. I could not be more excited to help LVL spread their brand, mission, and vision here on the East Coast by connecting other planners to this amazing experience and unique opportunity! If you’ve been searching for an opportunity to enhance your Planning Career and take your Wedding Planning business to the next level, I promise you this is it. My experience at LVL Academy was truly the highlight of 2018 and I can’t wait to see all the lives and businesses transformed by this experience! You can learn more about the academy and register here!

Use the special code MUSE200 for $200 off registration for the summer Academy when you pay in full!





My Experience at LVL Academy

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