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Lorely Meza

Today I’m sharing something super exciting with all of you and I can’t wait to give you the details! But first I want to tell you all about my experience at LVL Academy back in November 2018! LVL Academy is a wedding planner workshop based in California. When it comes to getting inspired, elevating your […]

My Experience at LVL Academy

Maliquea Starnes

  If you’re anything like me setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions is your JAM! Planning is my love language so I have a grand time planning how I will start the year with intention. This year my family started the new year with a 21-day fast! When most people hear “fasting” they assume a […]

5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Detox

Wood and Thread Boutique

There’s nothing I love more than a good local shopping experience which is why I was thrilled to learn about the newest spot in town, Wood & Thread Boutique! Wood & Thread is located in the heart of downtown Winston Salem in front of one of my favorite coffee shops. I went to visit Wood & […]

Wood & Thread Boutique: Winston Salem, NC

Winston Salem Wedding Market

There’s a sad moment after a wedding where you realize that you have #allthethings that you bought to make your wedding day beautiful… but nothing to do with it now that the wedding is over. Linens, Chargers, Floral Containers, and even Wedding Gowns are left to collect dust and live a sad life in the closet! 

This doesn’t have to happen to you! Starnes & Co. Event Planning Invites you to it’s 1st: Wedding Resale Pop-Up Event in Winston Salem, NC. 

The Winston Salem Wedding Market: Spring 2018

Maliquea Starnes

This weekend I received the photos from a Branded Photoshoot I recently coordinated with Jodie Brim Photography for CoCreate Studio, and let’s just say I basically fell out of my chair with excitement.

How to use a Branding Photoshoot to enhance your business!

I’ve been heavily praying about and for my business because let’s face it. Being a business owner is difficult. It may look like the best thing ever from the outside world but I never thought I would see the day when I wouldn’t want to get out of bed and go into my “home office”. Not because I don’t like what I do, I love what I do, but because sometimes we feel like we have let ourselves down when we set goals that we simply aren’t meant to reach in our lives right now.

Identify Your Window!

Social Squares

Shortly after my new work from home gig set-in I realized that there were quite a few things I had not considered. Like the eight hour silence I experienced from not talking to a real human all day, or the inability to think because it was so quiet. I never expected to hit some of the roadblocks that I did while working from home. But they surely came, and when they did I felt the pressure of letting myself down. How did my dream job turn into a sad day in leggings and large t-shirts? How was I still oversleeping when I made my own schedule? If you work from home or aspire to work from home, you should know that there are a few hurdles to get over and I’m here to equip you with a guide for coping, that’s sure to help you kick those work from home blues in a hurry!

When working from home isn’t amazing and how to love it anyway!


I remember the day my Mother-in-Law asked me, “So, who’s going to be in charge of all this?” That’s the moment it hit me that I literally had no idea. I had obviously just found out it wouldn’t be her. The funny thing is, I didn’t expect her to ever do it all. Mom’s get […]

All you need is love and a Day of Coordinator!

Starnes & Co. Event Planning

I am so excited to Welcome you to the brand new Starnes & Co. Website! This is something that is so near and dear to my heart and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the rebranding process! After booking a 9th wedding this year, I knew that it was time for a make over, but I […]

Welcome to the NEW Starnes & Co. Website!